South West Corner Project

The South West Corner (SWC) license granted contains high grade Uranium at shallow depth. SWC has a relatively intense 3.5 x 1.8 km radiometric anomaly and multiple historic excellent grading. SWC was previously owned by Mantra Resources which was subject to a successful takeover in 2011 by Uranium One for ~AUD$1 Billion.


Minjingu Project

Minjingu covers a total of 296.9km2 and is located in northern Tanzania, 106km southwest of Arusha the main administrative city in the area and 520km northwest of Dar es salaam. The Minjingu Project area possesses great infrastructure such as quality tarmac roads, power lines, airport services via both Arusha and Kilimanjaro International airports and ample water.

The project is part of the East Africa Rift Valley on the eastern margin of the Tanzania craton. The tectonics of the area are dominated by a series of northeast to southwest trending rift related faults and the area is underlain by Neogene volcanics. Geology of the Prospect largely comprises young undifferentiated flat lying Neogene Lake beds which are part of the Lake Manyara Formation.


Liwale Project

The Liwale project covers 195km2 and is located outside of the Nyerere National Park and was previous owned by Mantra Resources and Uranium One. Arrangements are underway to secure historical exploration data.


Mkuju Project

Mkuju tenements cover 678.7km2 including well known anomalies of Grand Central, Likuyu South and Likuyu North. The tenements at the closest point are less than 30km from Uranium One’s Mkuju River Project. The tenements were previously owned by Uranex Limited, Western Metals and Mantra Resources with arrangements being made to acquire historical data.


Foxy Project

The Foxy Project covers 299.7km2 and was previously owned by Western Metals and is known to contain uranium mineralisation similar to the Mkuju region. At its closest point Foxy is approximately 25km from the Mkuju tenements. The Company is arranging to acquire historical data.


Eland Project

The Eland Project covers 294.7km2 and was previously owned by Western Metals and is known to contain uranium mineralisation. The Company is arranging to acquire historical data.